The Martial Arts Committee is a nonprofit organization under the Okinawan Association Of America whose primary mission is to preserve, perpetuate, promote and advance the legacy of traditional martial arts that originated from Okinawa. The secondary principle of the OAA Martial Arts Committee is to break down the political barriers by promoting and uniting practitioners of the Okinawan Martial Arts by way sharing ideas and fostering friendship amongst its members.  
Our Goals:
 -  To establish, promote and educate public interest of traditional karate & kobudo of   Okinawa 
 -  To preserve the heritage and honor the pioneers and founders of Okinawan Martial Arts 
 -  To become the primary and central resources of all historical documentation pertaining  to the authentic martial arts of Okinawa throughout the world.  
- To foster, develop and establish opportunities for Okinawan martial artists to train   with Okinawan Masters of karate and Kobudo in the United States and Okinawa.
 - To foster, develop and establish opportunities for Okinawan martial artists to compete and showcase their skills in an atmosphere of respect and friendship at local, regional, national and international levels 
      To accomplish the mission and goals, the Martial Arts Committee is actively conducting seminars, workshops, special trainings and tournaments to educate its members as well as the general populace concerning true essence of Okinawan martial arts and culture.  
The benefits of membership include access to training with internationally recognized masters from various Okinawan styles (“ryuha”) in karate and kobudo in an atmosphere of camaraderie, friendship and collaboration in the pursuit of establishing a national and international presence and appreciation of Okinawan martial arts. 
 Additionally, instructors will have the advantage of establishing a strong recognition and presence within their own community as members of the committee.  Students will have the opportunity to develop and express their skills at tournaments and seminars designed around our common goals and efforts.  

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